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Code of Conduct


Soccer belongs to the kids playing the game.  Coaches, parents, and all participants must understand this and put the welfare of the players and the game above all else.


This Code of Conduct applies to all participants of the Westfield Youth Soccer Association.  This includes coaches, trainers, players, parents, fans, referees, and club administrators.  The WYSA Code of Conduct shall be followed at all soccer events; including home and away games, all tournaments, and indoor play. 


Code of Conduct-To All:

-Participants are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is in keeping with representing US Youth Soccer, and will not bring discredit upon the Association.

-Treat all coaches, trainers, parents, players, officials, fans and other club members with respect regardless of race, sex, religion, or ability, and expect to be treated accordingly.

-No use of foul or abusive language.

-No use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs at any soccer event.

-No pets/animals are to be brought to the fields.

-Absolutely no physical or verbal confrontations.

-Know the WYSA rules and bylaws and abide by them.

-Adhere to all league and IYSA rules.

-Understand the laws of the game and abide by them.

-Be gracious in victory and dignified in defeat.


Code of Conduct-Coaches:

-Act as a positive role model for the players.

-Have a club approved adult present at least 10 minutes prior to practices and games and also there until the last person has left.  This can include the coach, assistant coach, team manager, etc.

-Understand the laws of the game and require your players and their parents to understand and follow them.

-Coaches will instruct players to play within the written laws of the game and within the spirit of the game at all times.

-Coaches will not seek any unfair advantage by teaching unsporting behavior to players.

-Coaching from the sidelines during games should be limited and positive in nature.

-Do not argue with match officials.  Accept the decisions of the officials with grace.  Only question calls respectfully and with the intent of educating your players.

-Report all red cards / ejections to the Rules Committee.


Code of Conduct-Players:

-Understand the laws of the game and play by them.

-Support your teammates and coaches.

-Play fairly and exercise good sportsmanship.

-Do not argue with match officials.

-All players must make every reasonable effort to attend all practices and games.  If you will be unavailable, you or your parent/guardian must inform the team coach in advance. 

-No use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs at any time.


Code of Conduct-Parents/Spectators:

-No coaching from the sidelines.

-Absolutely no negative comments to anyone.

-Parents/Spectators are to accept the match official’s decision in all cases and will not discuss/question/argue with the match official’s decision.

-Be supportive of all participants of the game before, during and after the game. 

-If my child develops a behavior related problem that repeatedly disrupts the team, I promise to work with my child’s coach to resolve that problem. 


If there are any questions or concerns with something in this Code of Conduct, the Rules Committee encourages you to address it with the club vice-president.  Any violation of this Code of Conduct will result in a disciplinary meeting between the guilty party and the WYSA Rules Committee.  All incidents must be reported in writing and submitted to the WYSA vice-president.  Each violation will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and punishment can range from a written warning to expulsion from the club.  All decisions by the Rules Committee are subject to approval by the WYSA Executive Board.


This Code of Conduct is meant to serve the best interest for all participants of the WYSA and the game of soccer.  The bottom line can be summed up with one question:







Passed by the WYSA Executive Board, February 2005