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Coaching Documents


The following are all Adobe Acrobat "pdf" files.

Basic Principles

WYSA Basic Principles of Individual Defense

WYSA Basic Principles of Individual Attacking

WYSA Possession I

WYSA Possession II

WYSA Shielding I

WYSA Shielding II

WYSA Shooting I

WYSA Shooting II

WYSA Basic Group Defense

WYSA Basic Small Group Attacking

WYSA Basic Guide to Positional Training

Coaching Manuals

WYSA Coaching Manual U6

WYSA Coaching Manual U8

WYSA Coaching Manual U12

WYSA Coaching U10's

WYSA Coaching U12's

WYSA Coaching U14's


WYSA Eight Deadly Sins of Soccer

WYSA Expectations After One Year

WYSA Most Important Skills To Teach

WYSA One-Two Combination Play

WYSA Switching the Point of Attack

Practice Plans

Practice Plan - Tactical

Practice Plan - Technical