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U5 and U6 Rules

Law I - The Field
    A. Dimensions:
        1. The field of play shall be rectangular, its length being not more than 30 yards and the width 20 yards.
    B. Markings
        1. Distinctive lines not more than 5 inches wide
        2. A halfway line shall be marked out across the field
        3. A center circle with a 3 yard radius
        4. Four corner arcs with a 2 foot radius
        5. Goal area - none
        6. Penalty area - none
    C. Goals
         1. 4 feet high by 6 feet wide

Law II - The Ball
    A. Size 3

Law III - Number of players
    A. Maximum number of players on the roster - 12
        1. At each game the 12 players will be divided into 2 teams of 6 players each
        2. Each team shall play a similar team from another roster for one-half of the game and then switch to the adjoining field for the second half
    B. Maximum number of players on the field at any one time - 3
    C. No goalie
    D. Teams will field an equal number of players
    E. Substitution
        1. Usually after 5 minutes of each quarter at a stoppage of play
        2. After an injury by either team, after the referee stops play
        3. At quarter or half time
    F Each player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time
    G. Players positions will be rotated and play as many positions as possible

Law IV - Player's Equipment
    A. Conform with FIFA except:
        1. Footwear - tennis or soft cleated soccer shoes are permitted
    B. Shin guards mandatory at games and practices
    C. Children shall not wear items that may cause injury such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and hard hair barrettes

Law V - The Referee
    A. Referee's decisions on points of the game shall be final
    B. All rule infractions MUST be briefly explained to the offending player, not the coach.

Law VI - Linespersons
    A. Club linespersons - will only be allowed to help the referee by calling the ball in and out of play

Law VII - Duration of the game
    A. The game shall be divided into four equal quarters, 10 minutes each.
    B. Period break shall be 2 minutes

Law VIII - The Start of Play
    A. Conforming to FIFA, players from each team shall meet with the referee prior to the game. The referee/player will flip the coin, the visiting players will call heads or tails. The winning team will have choice of goal for the first and second periods of play, and the opposing team will have the kick-off for the first and third periods.

Law IX - Ball in and out of play
    A. Conforming to FIFA

Law X - Method of scoring
    A. Score shall not be kept

Law XI - Off-sides
    A. There will be no offside

Law XII - Fouls and misconduct
    A. Conforming to FIFA, with the following exceptions:
        1. All fouls will result in an indirect free kick with the opponents 3 yards away.
        2. The referee MUST explain all infractions to the offending player.
        3. No cautions or ejections shall be issued.

Law XIII - Free Kicks
    A. Conforming to FIFA, with the following exceptions:
        1. Shall be classified under one heading, indirect.
        2. A goal may not be scored until the ball has been touched or played by a second player of either team.
        3. No free kicks shall be taken by the attacking team within the defending team's goal area.
Law XIV - Penalty Kicks
    A. No penalty kicks are to be taken during the game. Any foul which would have resulted in a penalty kick will be taken as an indirect kick from the spot of the foul.

Law XV - Throw-ins
    A. Conforming to FIFA, except that the referee will instruct the player who commits a foul throw of the proper method and allow a second throw. After the second foul throw, the opposing team gets the ball.
    B. To help teach a throw-in:
        1. Feet must be flat on the ground
        2. Knees should be locked to help keep feet down
        3. Body must face where the ball is being thrown
        4. Ball must be brought behind the head with both hands. Telling the child they must tap the back of their head with the ball will help insure proper form.

Law XVI - Goal Kick
    A. Conforming to FIFA, with the following exceptions:
        1. Opposing players must be 3 yards from the ball.

Law XVII - Corner Kick
     A. Conforming to FIFA, with the following exception:
        1. Opposing players must be 3 yards from the ball.

Additional Rules for Under-6
1. The under-6 age group shall be determined by the WYSA Board according to the child's age and conforming to FIFA.

2. Coaches shall not leave a player unattended at the Habig complex during a practice or game.

3. Coaches shall have in their possession during practices and games all player registration forms for their teams.

4. No league standings will be recorded

5. The playing time and place for an Under-6 game shall not be changed without prior approval from the Under-6 Commissioner.

6. Opposing parent/coaches and players should shake hands after each game.

7. Parent/coaches and non-playing players and parents and spectators shall be located on opposite sides of the playing field and located not less that 2 yards outside the touch-line. No individual except the players will be allowed to run the length of the field.

8. One coach is allowed on the field during the game.

9. Parents should not coach or instruct the players during game time.

10. Coaches should not coach or instruct the players from the sidelines during the game.

11. Extreme unsportsmanlike conduct or failure to comply with the rules by coaches and assistants may result in suspension from succeeding games as determined by the WYSA board and the respective commissioner and referee.

12. Awards such as trophies, medals and ribbons are only to be awarded by WYSA. Other awards may be given by a coach at his/her discretion. However, any not given by WYSA must be awarded at a time and place different from WYSA presentations and outside HABIG Soccer Complex.

13. No alcoholic beverages will be consumed or allowed near the playing area or in the Habig Soccer Complex.

14. Failure to abide by the rules established herein may lead to loss of coaching or commissioner status.

15. Anyone concerned about possible violation of policy/procedure should contact the respective WYSA commissioner.

Spring 2002



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