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Some frequently asked questions regarding the Habig Classic are:

Are the three guest players included in the total number of players?

    Yes, up to three guest players are allowed but they are included in the total of 18 players (U11 and up) or 14 players (U9 and U10 teams).

Do the guest players need passes?

    Yes, all guest players must be properly registered with their state association and have valid player passes.

Do we have the come to check-in?

    Yes, the team representative must come to check in and bring all the required paperwork to obtain a "token" which will permit playing the first game.

Are winners determined for the U10 divisions?

   There are brackets and playoff games to determine a division winner and trophies are awarded for championship and second-place. Each player will receive a "Habig Tournament" key tag if you would like to count that as a participation award.

What are the entry fees for 2003?

The fee for small-sided (U10) is $325 and full-sided (all others) is $375.

Are AAA teams allowed in the Habig Tournament?

No, AAA teams are considered "Premier" teams and are not allowed in the Habig Tournament.

How are the games scored for standings?

SCORING:  each team will be awarded points as follows

a.  WIN - 6 points

b.  TIE - 3 points

c.  LOSS - 0 points

d.  SHUTOUT - 1 point

e.  plus 1 point for each goal scored, win or lose up to a                                                              maximum of 3

Therefore, a maximum of 10 points is possible for a win.