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Code of Conduct



WYSA Parents’ and Coaches’ Code of Conduct

The intent of WYSA is to provide a positive environment for children of our community the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of soccer.  With this in mind, the following guidelines have been put in place.

Each recreational/recreation-plus (NCRSL)/travel parent or guardian or coach or assistant coach or manager is required to sign this form. Please print it and bring it to registration.


1.       Parents must be encouraging to the players and at all games and team functions.

2.       Parents shall refrain from coaching from the sidelines during games.

3.       Parents shall refrain from making negative comments to the referees before, during or after a game.

4.       Parents are expected to deal with conflicts in an appropriate manner.

         Attempts at conflict resolution should not be on the grounds of playing fields, whether at home or away.  This will help minimize the effects of the conflict on parties not directly involved.

         All attempts at conflict resolution shall occur in a manner that will not cause additional negative effects on the players, team coaches or WYSA.

         If a conflict cannot be resolved with the parties involved, the appropriate travel commissioner must be contacted and given an opportunity to assist in resolving the conflict.  This must be accompanied by a written explanation of the conflict.

         If, after attempts by the travel commissioner, the conflict cannot be resolved, the appropriate forum to attempt further resolution should be conduced with the WYSA Board.  Board meetings are held at 7:30 pm the second Thursday of every month.

5.       Coaches should emphasize development of a player’s skills and self-confidence over the ‘Won/Loss’ record.

6.       Coaches shall train and coach their teams to the best of their ability, helping them improve their skills and enjoyment of the game.

7.       Coaches shall read and understand the Laws of the Game.  They shall keep themselves abreast of changes.

8.       Coaches shall always give the health and well-being of players the highest priority.

9.       Coaches shall enforce the rules and regulations of WYSA and IYSA.

10.   Coaches must provide positive coaching that instructs and encourages players during games and practices. 

11.   Coaches shall refrain from negative comments or criticism directed toward players, referees or opposing teams.

12.   Coaches shall strive to improve their coaching skills through publications, local meetings and/or clinics. 

13.   Coaches shall not use alcohol or tobacco products while participating in team functions.

14.   Coaches shall refrain from using or allowing the use of profanity while participating in team functions.

Read and Understood:________________________ Date:____________


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