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Travel Teams

Code of Conduct
2002-3 Travel Teams
Travel Team Evaluations

WYSA Travel Teams Program

Steve Brown WYSA Girls Travel Co-Commissioner

Steve Danforth WYSA Girls Travel Co-Commissioner

Steve Brink WYSA Boys Travel Commissioner

Click here for an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) copy of the Medical Release Form.

Click here for an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) copy of the Evaluation Process Registration Form.


U10 Boys (8/92-7/93 DOB) Contact: Scott Livingston at 896-9512

U11 Boys (8/91-7/92 DOB) Contact: Jamie Snodgrass at 867-2656

U12 Boys (8/90-8/91 DOB) Contact: Kevin Miller at 823-1742

U14 Boys Contact Ted Wells at

Frequently Asked Questions

WYSA Mission:

WYSA's prime goal is to provide a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment for all youth in our community to experience the great sport of Soccer.  

The Evaluation Process:

What can Parents and Players expect?

Every year the WYSA Soccer commissioners get a large variety of questions concerning the travel soccer evaluation process.  We encourage all inquiries and/or suggestions for improvements.  Many inquiries do come from parents who simply don’t know how the process works, or, in some cases, have been misinformed via word of mouth. For the record, let’s review what goes on during the travel soccer evaluation process and just how travel soccer teams are formed within WYSA. During the annual evaluation period in May or early June, WYSA organizes an evaluation for all potential new travel players, as well as existing WYSA travel players.  These evaluations are intended to determine a player’s present soccer abilities, which assist WYSA in placing the player with the most age appropriate travel team and/or determining if the player should continue his/her development within other programs such as the WYSA recreational soccer program.  Once your child accept a position on a team, they will play with that team until tryouts the following June. 

Listed below are just some of the questions that have been asked in the past.  If you have additional questions about the evaluation process, please call your appropriate travel commissioner.                               

How will my child be evaluated?

Your child will be evaluated upon a series of soccer technical skills and upon the participation in small-sided play, i.e. 3 V 3.  The technical skills assessment form can be obtained from WYSA if your child would like to practice these skills in advance.  The players are ranked on each technical skill and timed for speed in some skills. 

In the fairest and most objective manner possible, multiple independent evaluators and the team’s coaching staff that come to agreement on each player’s ability for the age group and play level they are being evaluated for make these assessments.

How are travel teams formed after evaluations occur?

WYSA forms travel teams based upon the number of qualified players and coaches available for each age group. Teams are formed based largely upon the evaluation results, which includes both technical skills abilities and small-sided play ratings.  These ratings are determined by agreement among by independent evaluators, team’s coaching staff (if known by the evaluation dates) and the commissioner.  The players will be place on a team based on the order they were rated.

If more than one team is formed at an age group, the players will be placed by their ranking order on the evaluation forms (one (1) being the highest and three (3) being the lowest.  The player will be offered a position on the team by the coach.  The player may except or reject the offer.  If the player rejects the offer, he/she will not be offered another position on a WYSA travel team.

For U-9 and U-10 teams, this means WYSA will select a minimum of ten (10) and maximum twelve (12) (Number of players on the roster is determined by the coach). U-9 and U-10 typically carry twelve (12) players to allow everyone playing time.  For all other older teams, this means WYSA will select a minimum of fourteen (14) and a maximum of 18.  The older teams typically carry between fifteen (15) to seventeen (17) players. 

WYSA will post only the WYSA selected team members for each age group at Shamrock Soccer Complexes.

If a team is short players after the evaluation and acceptance process, the coach my recruit players during the off-season to fill his/her team roster (Players that rejected an offer will not be offered a position).  

The only exception to these guidelines concerns the team’s coaching staff children.  These players are fully evaluated right along with other players, however, if their ranking falls short of WYSA’s selected team, they automatically become an optional “coaching staff choice” player.  If they evaluate within the selected team, then the coaching staff simply has another possible roster position.  In this manner, no appropriately qualified player can ever be denied a position on a travel team due to the skill level of the coach’s children.  Remember teams must stay within roster maximums during each season.

When will I find out the results of evaluations?

WYSA will post the evaluation results at Shamrock Spring soccer complexes.  Your coach will contact you if you are offered a position on their team.   WYSA expects to post the evaluation results within 48 hours of the final day of evaluations or after the Habig Tournament.    Players / Parents may check these postings.  Once the player has been selected regarding the offer to play for a WYSA team, it is expected that the player will confirm or deny the offer within 48 hrs of being contacted.  Upon the acceptance of the WYSA offer, it is now mandatory that the WYSA registration fee for the following year will be paid immediately. This WYSA fee is $85.00 and covers both the fall and spring soccer seasons.  This fee is non-refundable should a player not fulfill his or her commitment to play for the WYSA selected team.

How many Travel Teams will there be at my age?

Unfortunately, this is not known until evaluations are completed. In certain age groups, there may only be enough qualified players to form a single team within WYSA.  The WYSA travel commissioners are responsible for making these determinations as they may occur.   Additionally, certain age groups may actually have many qualified players. Again, the WYSA travel commissioners may choose to field one (1) or even two (2) additional teams at a particular age grouping.  These additional teams would play travel soccer within the same age grouping; however, these additional teams would typically play at a different competition level.  

Who performs the Evaluations?   

WYSA selects a number of respected evaluators that have experience in recognizing a player’s technical and playing skills.  These evaluators are professional adult players and/or coaches who have personal experience playing at higher levels of soccer.  WYSA compensates these independent evaluators for their experience and professional opinions in recognizing a player’s potential. This spectrum of people provides a great cross-section of experience and yields the fairest of results.   The WYSA coaching staff (if established) is also encouraged to assist in the evaluation process.  Past and present coaching experience can be invaluable in helping to determine a player’s ability to develop throughout the coming soccer year.  Player qualities such as Attitude, Coach ability, Commitment to practice, and Gamesmanship are all difficult to determine during a short evaluation period, thus, coaching staff experiences are invaluable.



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