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WYSA Board


March 2002 Minutes
April 2002 Minutes
May 2002 Minutes

Westfield Youth Soccer Association

Board Meeting

December 12, 2002, 7:30 PM WHS Cafeteria

I. Call to order

II. Additions to the agenda

III. Action items




IV. Approval of November 14, 2002, minutes

V. President's Report -Drew Williams

VI. Vice-President's Report - Shannon Stuart

VII. Secretary's Report - Michele Cardwell

VIII. Treasurer's Report - Angie Rennard

IX. Registrar's Report - Drrew Williams

X. Commissioners' Reports

    A. Recreational Commissioner - Barb Neumann

    B. U5 Commissioner

    C. U6 Commissioner

    D. U7 Boys Commissioner

    E. U7 Girls Commissioner

    F. U8 Boys Commissioner

    G. U8 Girls Commissioner

    H. U10 Boys Commissioner

    I. U10 Girls Commissioner

    J. U12 Commissioner

    K. NCRSL Commissioner

    L. Boys' Travel Commissioner - Steve Brink

    M. Girls' Travel Commissioner - Steve Brown

    N. Adult league - Bruce Carlstedt/Dan Neumann

    O. Referees - Bruce Carlstedt

XI. Committee Reports

    A. Concessions - Cindy McCormick

    B. Publicity and Newsletter - Shannon Stuart

    C. Uniforms - Kerri Brown

    D. Fields - Jim Rennard

    E. Habig Tournament - Angie Rennard

XII. Other Business

XIII. Next meeting

    January, 2003, 7:30 PM WHS Cafeteria

XIV. Adjourn



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